Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspiration comes from living with your eyes wide open...

bear with me.
I'm a horrible speller.
and.... kinda random.

Lately I cannot get the resounding quote out of my head, "Inspiration comes from living with your eyes wide open." I recently just transfered to MTSU, let me be completly honest in the fact that I WAS SCARED OUT OF MY MIND. 25,000 students... seriously...come on...and last week was not such a good one considering I was feeling way overwhelmed, with school, a new city, new faces, new friends, and life in general.. but the more and more I think about "living with my eyes wide open" I realize... I have 25,000 students around me ALL THE TIME !! How awesome is that?!... this morning in my not so wonderful, 8 AM Geography class I got so frustrated with my teacher. We have one blind student and one student that is deaf (he is prob. in his mid to late thirties) ... who normally has an interpreter, so when the student (his name is Eric) came into the classroom, he simply told our teacher his interpreter was not able to make it today and asked if she would write on the board, HE DIDN'T SKIP CLASS, HE DIDN'T MAKE ANY EXCUSES, just asked one simple thing... So, I know being a teacher of couse has its challenges; but she acted as if that was such a hassle for her.. telling Eric that someone would take notes for him and honestly looking disgusted with having to do a little extra today....ERIC HAS TO DO A LITTLE EXTRA EVERYDAY; but here he is... an older gentleman, deaf and totally out of his comfort zone getting an education to better himself, because he knows he can. "Inspiration comes with living with your eyes wide open." Today I was inspired. I was inspired to learn sign language. I want to be able to adapt to my society in a time of need. Eric has adapted to his life not being able to hear. One of the simple things in life we honestly take so much for grantated.. he didn't even know when she called his name for roll. I am inspired by people like Eric.
Today- I am making a promise to really myself because I have no follwers yet :) .. that I will learn sign language !! THANKS ERIC.

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